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Olin Becancour

Its sector of activity Chemical Products.

His project:  The transaction data being in Olin Becanour’s SAP ERP, we integrate the PI System in order to display the activities of the railway yard in real-time. The company can now visualize its yard at a glance.

His solution:  Integration of real-time production data into an ERP (customized).

Its benefits:  Better decision-making, access to information, increased productivity.

Rolland companies

Its sector of activity:  Pulp and paper.

His project:  We have equipped the Rolland Enterprises Transformation Center with a tool designed to manage the overall rate of return (TRG). Quality, productivity, and availability are now automatically detected on its machines thanks to the PI System. The company is then able to acquire this information in real-time and monitors OEE, in particular, by shift. The image shows an example of a web-based OEE report using PI System data.

His solution:  Downtime management (with an overall rate of return).

Its benefits:  Better decision-making, access to information, productivity gains, lower production costs, increased profits, and better production management.

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