Make your operations more profitable with our solutions

Investing when you know it pays off, it’s simple! Take a look at our solutions designed to adapt to the reality of your business and allow you to make informed decisions about the profitability of your activities: downtime management,  preventive maintenance,  and integration of production data in real-time in an ERP and real-time dashboard.

Downtime management

What if you finally fixed your performance issues? Our downtime management solution allows you to detect and measure in real-time all machine downtimes that occur during your production process. You know precisely when a machine stops, how long it remains idle, and when it restarts. It is no longer a question of perception, but of reality. This accurate information will greatly help you pinpoint the causes of these stops and, ultimately, correct the situation. Keeping downtime to a minimum is a smart strategy for maximizing your production! Think about it… This tool will also allow you to better manage your overall rate of return (TRG or OEE). Team up with Decide4Action Consulting and increase your productivity.

Preventive maintenance

What if you went from reactive to proactive? Avoid equipment breakage with our preventive maintenance solution. This detects anomalies in your machines, such as abnormal vibrations or overconsumption of energy, and alerts you immediately. This way you can carry out preventive maintenance before your machine breaks down. With our solution, your installations are safe. Imagine… Instead of spending your time putting out fires, you could spend it predicting and planning. We know how much more cost effective it is to do preventive maintenance than to change an emergency part. Welcome Decide4Action within your company and limit unforeseen costs.

Integration of real-time production data into an ERP

What if you could save time by automating certain actions in your business process? We offer you to send your production data directly into your ERP, in real-time. Forget manual entry and the risk of error that comes with it! This most reliable solution applies to a multitude of processes. For example, you perform quality tests on a finished product, the laboratory results are automatically integrated into your ERP to create a certificate of conformity; the receipts contained in your ERP are transferred directly into your automatons, and the data are transferred at the same time into your ERP; you finish a day of production, the number of products manufactured is already entered in your ERP. Thanks to our solution, Use Decide4Action  and take advantage of smart tools.

Real-time dashboard

What if you had access to your production 24 hours a day? Our dashboard allows you to follow the progress of your activities in real-time no matter where you are. No need to wait for the next morning's report to find out about the failures and correct the situation! Our solution can even send you notifications, either by text message or email, as soon as an event occurs, such as a peak in energy consumption or a machine shutdown. This gives you the chance to act immediately and minimize the impact. Keeping your production safe will give you true peace of mind. With our dashboard, you can view your company's performance indicators in real-time, Turn to Decide4Action  and access all your data here, now.

Get ready to reap a host of benefits

Specially designed to optimize the performance of companies of all sizes, our solutions are major assets for achieving your business objectives.

Better decision making

We show you the avenues, you take the right direction.

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Productivity gain

We help you make a diagnosis; you gain in efficiency.

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Energy saving

We detail your consumption; you reduce your bills.

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Increase in profits

We give you the technology, you pocket the results.

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Access to information

We connect you to your data, you have the right time.

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Reduce human error

We help you reduce your manual entries; you improve your quality.

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Lower cost of production

We give you the tools, you produce for less.

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Better production management

We report problems to you, you are in control.

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